A super-fit dad

June 13, 2017
By Gul Nasreen

With Father’s Day right around the corner, we have compiled a list of essential health tips for dad to help keep him healthy and strong for a very long time...


With Father’s Day right around the corner, we have compiled a list of essential health tips for dad to help keep him healthy and strong for a very long time...

You call him ‘Daddy strongest’ and look up to him to stay fit. But, at times, your daddy overlooks his health and signs of medical issues hoping the problem will go away on its own.

A super-fit dad

Stereotypically, dads don’t complain about their health or seek advice from professionals on how to stay healthy. This is where you come in. This Father’s Day, give your father another reason to celebrate by helping him be the healthiest man he can...

1. A balanced diet: While you may want to believe that your dad will forever stay young, sadly that’s not true. After a certain age one has to be very particular about what one eats in order to maintain one’s vitality and stay in the pink of health. Only a balanced diet can keep your father strong, lean and active to fulfil all his myriad roles. A healthy diet means balanced eating with all the right nutrients that are required for the body. 

2. Maintain a healthy weight: Weight maintenance is one of the most important health tips for men. Being overweight can put your father at risk for many chronic diseases such as heart disease and diabetes and can also put more pressure on his joints. To maintain a healthy weight, ask your father to eat plenty of plant-based foods because they’re high in nutrients but lower in calories. Also, tell him to eat salmon, walnuts and flax seeds (ground up and put in a smoothie or sprinkle some on cereal) to increase the amounts of omega-3 fatty acids in the body - a factor in a lowered risk of cardiovascular disease and high cholesterol.A super-fit dad

3. Zinc: This micromineral is needed on a daily basis to help prevent erectile dysfunction and male infertility, as well as to maintain a healthy prostate. Food sources high in zinc include pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds and oats as well as mushrooms. Putting seeds into a blender with your other favourite ingredients for a smoothie provides protein as well as a good amount of zinc. The safe dosage for taking supplements is 40 mg or less; taking too much can cause toxicity in the body and throw off copper levels, so consult a healthcare practitioner if you want to start taking this supplement.

4 Routine health check-ups: This one is the most important! Prevention is better than cure. While daddy must be eating the right foods or following a regular exercise pattern, it is equally vital that he seeks advice from a physician on how often he needs to go for body check-ups. Screening tests help doctors to detect several lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and hypertension at early stages. If discovered in their inchoate phase, these diseases can be cured quickly and effectively without impacting the quality of life.

5. Stay active: Activity is so important to maintain overall health. It is not necessary that your dad should hit the gym to stay fit. Ask him to spare some time from his busy schedule in the morning for workouts and let him follow it regularly at home. And a few more easy ways to include more activity in your daddy’s day include taking the stairs, parking further away from the store etc. Let him constantly try and challenge his body in different ways to get the desired results. Quick and easy exercises such as squats and push-ups can help build muscle strength and burn excess fat from the body.

6. Listen to your body: A lot of dads will put off going to the doctor or hospital out of pride amongst other things when there is something unusual going on. Don’t be a hero and listen to your body. If something seems off and you are not feeling your usual self, contact your doctor. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

7.  Make a meal schedule: Creating a schedule for eating can be beneficial for dads who sometimes get busy or forget to have meals and snacks at regular times. Setting a phone alarm or writing reminders ‘12 pm lunch, 3 pm snack, 6 pm dinner’ can be helpful for your daddy to take his meals on time. Eating on schedule, not only helps to keep his energy up, but can also promote weight loss and maintenance.

8. Limit tobacco: While your father may consider smoking or alcohol as a method to beat stress, these activities can seriously harm every part of his body. At times, peer pressure and get-togethers can lead to greater indulgence in smoking and alcohol consumption. But, they also come with long-term risks of liver disease and stroke. While a few drinks at certain occasions are okay, it is better that he forms a group or make friends who are health conscious and indulge in healthy living habits.

9. Fight the stress: With a lot of responsibilities to manage at office and home, your dad obviously gets totally exhausted and stressed out even if he doesn’t show it. While he has to take care of your school fees, home expenses and pay all the bills on time, it is likely that he may take his health very lightly. Suggest some simple tips to him to combat the stress such as breathing exercises at regular intervals. Going out for a stroll during lunch time can also help in alleviating stress. Ask your dad not to get work home and while at home, ask him to keep his mobile phone and laptop switched off to spend quality time with family members.

10. Sleep well: A good night’s sleep is like hitting the restart button on your computer and can make all the difference in your functionality, attitude, energy level and health. Make sure that your dad gets a sound sleep every night. As sleep is important for overall cell and bodily rejuvenation and it allows your body to rest and recover.