My superhero, my dad

June 13, 2017
By Sumeha Khalid

He is your best friend, your rock that will always be there for you! He’s dad - our superhero! It’s time to tell that special figure in our lives that how much we love him.

He is your best friend, your rock that will always be there for you! He’s dad - our superhero! It’s time to tell that special figure in our lives that how much we love him. Father’s Day is around the corner. In this regard, You! talks to a few celeb daddies and finds out what they have to say about this Day!

Q1: What do you enjoy most about being a dad?

Q2: Are there things you wish you had done differently as a father?

Q3: What is the secret to raising good kids?

Q4: Is there anything you regret not having asked your parents?

Q5: Do you think today’s fathers have it harder, easier or just different?

Q6: How would you like your children and grandchildren to remember you?

Amir AdnanMy superhero, my dad


1:       The opportunity and ability to provide for the most precious ones in your life is the most enjoyable feeling. There is nothing a man loves more than his children.

2:       I have learnt a lot going up the learning curve being a dad since our first born. In retrospect I would allow them to do a lot more. Parents should only provide guidance and let the children exercise their will.

3:       Don’t parent them, be their friend. Win with reasoning not by command. Share life with them as peers - they can make best friends.

4:       My parents have always been very close to me. They were upfront and honest with me. Despite our differences, we continued to believe in each other.

5:       Today, there is a lot more communication than ever hence, the ability to reach out into your children’s mind. I consider it to be a very different experience now as compared to the past. Children are more like partners than mere responsibility.

6:       I want them to remember me as their friend and someone who allowed them to grow their mind to look into the future. Wish they would think of me at every happy moment of their life.

Junaid KhanMy superhero, my dad


1:       I can’t describe the feeling. The love that one gets from children, the feeling of joy, is a feeling that is just out of this world.

2:       I want to be an inspiration for my child and that is what every father wants. Because of him I am at my best behaviour and want to improve as a human being.

3:       Teach them by your actions. Show the traits in yourself that you want your child to have. And he will learn by observing his parents.

4:       No, I am thankful for how my parents raised me - they created a great balance between emotions and discipline.

5:       Well I think the struggle has always been the same. Yes, circumstances change but then we have certain facilities that weren’t available earlier. That makes life easier for us; children grasp everything these days as they are exposed to technology which wasn’t available in our childhood. So as a whole, I think struggle has been the same for parents but just different now.

6:       I wish that they learn something good out of my life and remember me in good words.

Nauman ArfeenMy superhero, my dad


1:       Being a dad has brought me back all those pleasures that I had long forgotten.

2:       As far as I think I am doing a very decent job but then my kids are very young right now!

3:       Spare the rod and spoil the child. Be friendly yet stern. That’s my policy.

4:       These days kids can ask us anything thanks to the media but in the past we were too scared to even sit next to our parents, that’s how the family dynamics used to work. So yes, I wish I was also very friendly with my parents!

5:       I think today’s fathers have it harder because technology has given exposure to kids way too much at an early stage and answering them adequately has become very difficult.

6:       I want them to remember me as a loving father and grandfather and also a person who was very wise and taught them the worth of relationships.

Hasan RizviMy superhero, my dad


1:       There is no feeling like that of a parent. The feeling of being part of a bigger picture, when life isn’t about you anymore... it’s about them.

2:       I wish I had more time to spend with my kids. But I’m sure they will understand that the time I spent away was purely for them. The next 5 years will determine both their and my future.

3:       It’s important to teach your kids right and wrong, being humble, giving back, respect, values, morals, the phenomena of family comes first and so much more.

4:       My parents did and gave everything possible. I have the same question still, how did you love us so unconditionally?

5:       Yes, our parents had it relatively easier. Our kids have far more requirements then we used to have. That doesn’t in anyway undermine what they have done for us.

6:       That I was a man of my word. That I was respectful of others and worked really hard to achieve what I became. I loved my family and lived an honest fun-filled life.

Adil MuradMy superhero, my dad


1:       What I enjoy most is having 2 mini-me-s. Children give you an opportunity to re-live your childhood. Their innocence makes me forget all the worries of the world.

2:       Parenting is a ‘learning as you go’ kind of job. There are no manuals for nurturing children. So, I really don’t think I would’ve done anything different.

3:       Don’t criticise or be judgmental. We all learn from our mistakes, let them learn from theirs.

4:       There are probably a million questions I want to ask my father...

5:       Today’s fathers do definitely have it much harder. You have to be smarter than Google to deal with kids today, keep up with the gaming consoles, games, tablets etc, which we didn’t have as children.

6:       I would want them to remember me as the cool grandpa. But more importantly, the family name and respect they will be carrying.

Khalid MalikMy superhero, my dad


1:       I enjoy the times when we sit and talk as a family and watch how they evolve and grow as humans.

2:       I think as parents we put too much pressure on ourselves to be perfect. I’m sure there are things I should have done differently, but I only acted in every situation according to my own knowledge at the time.

3:       The type of language one uses, for example, if you make a promise you better make sure you keep that promise. Don’t lie. Be encouraging with your words and at the same time I believe in giving kids a time out and explaining why they got a time out.

4:       Not really.

5:       I think they have it harder today. Yes, you are expected to be the bread winner but you are also expected to be all hands on deck when it comes to raising kids. Also, it’s the pressure of raising perfect kids, and providing them a good living, that should mix with a good networking them too. Once again we need to go back to basics and get it simple.

6        I want them to know that they can pursue their dreams. And dream big!

Shiraz UppalMy superhero, my dad


1:       I thought being on the stage was an amazing feeling, but for me there is nothing that can supersede the feelings of being a father. The best part is that I was blessed with a son at the age of 24 and we both kind of grew up together with a level of extreme sharing.

2:       I don’t think so.

3:       Give them quality time instead of precious gifts. Listen to them when they need you by putting everything aside.

4:       Not really.

5:       I guess it’s more challenging these days to raise the kids of today with so much exposure and distractions which were not there in our times.

6:       They should remember me as a patriotic, humble and a happy-go-lucky soul.

Fakhr-e-AlamMy superhero, my dad


1:       Oh I enjoy everything about fatherhood, every second of it - it’s the best thing in life to happen to me.

2:       Well I’m still learning - my kids are 7 and 5 so I am constantly learning, adapting and improvising. Don’t think I have made any mistakes yet!

3:       Being a kid yourself.

4:       No, not that I know of. Maybe I could go back in time and tell them not to divorce each other but we have all somehow made this family work now in its own special way and I am ok with that.

5:       I think ‘different’ is the keyword, we are dealing with kids in a digital world. When we were kids our parents had to keep a tight vigil and make sure we didn’t stay out too long. But these days we have to make an effort to get them away from technology and be outdoors - different time different era.

6:       That I was a good person.

Asad I.A. KhanAsad-I.A.-Khan


1:       The love and affection that naturally comes with fatherhood.

2:       Not really, you are who you are. It wouldn’t be me if I did anything differently.

3:       Let them be free, they will learn from your actions not your words.

4:       Not really, but yes I would have liked to hear more of their experiences and stories of our grandparents.

5:       No they just make it harder, trying to be good fathers.

6:       Stories of goodness, friendliness, integrity and family values.